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  • #Year of Returns
  • #Year of Returns

#Year of Returns
  • Many Africans are citizens in different countries all over the world, in America, Asia, Australia, and Europe due to interracial marriages, migration, the former slave trade, etc. They have become part of different cultures. You may have learned the history of your roots in school, it is, however, lovely to experience those traditions. Touring Africa will surely help you to appreciate more the race you belong to. We give the opportunity to Blacks all over the world to explore different African countries. We believe strongly that Africa has more to offer, despite struggle endured in the past. Let Oprah tours bring you closer to the traditions, culture, colonial governance and settlement of Africa
Africa is one of the continents with very rich cultures. Most traditions are still in play in this century, despite the institution of modernism. Most cultures in Africa are as they used to be. A few, however, may have sunk into modernism or abolished due to its barbarism or insignificance presently. Regardless, most cultures have been retained, some rites, festivals, ceremonies, food, attires, etc. Take this opportunity to bridge the geographical and philosophical gap between you and your motherland, Ghana, the gateway to Africa. I know that you may not be able to trace back to your actual roots, but it does not mean also that if there were no slave trade you wouldn’t have had the chance to experience the rich culture of your soil, like bragoro or dipo, rites performed to initiate teenage girls into womanhood where they are also displayed to portray the true beauty of African women. During that time every young is so desperate to get one of these queens’ hand in marriage. I am not going to spoil the fun. Come, taste our delicious and nutritious dishes made from organic foods, visit astonishing tourist sites and connect with that person who could have been a brother, sister, cousin, uncle, even a spouse.
Aside from the Add Form beautiful culture and traditions, Africa has very fascinating tourist attractions for sightseeing and very educative and fun activities.
Join Oprah Tours and together we shall clear the misconception about the promising continent, Africa. Come, enjoy the supernatural sense of belongingness.
Travel and tour Africa with Oprah Tours, let’s plan your cultural tour to Africa, experience the past and present Africa.



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